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My name is Sofiah van Maanen, Managing Partner of Corporate Compagnon and I have a long standing experience in Treasury. Started my career at Erasmus MC for about 11 years ago, not knowing that 10 years later I would accidentally become an advocate for women in Treasury.

After I left the public sector, I have worked in many other sectors in different treasury positions. First in the Netherlands and later on internationally as well. During one of my last technical jobs as a Treasurer, I came to learn that something was missing. At that certain point I was a member of the Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers for 7 years, active in the Young Professionals Committee and pretty much focussed on networking and sharing knowledge with peers, as I very easily make connections. I came to the conclusion that the technical part of my job wasn’t really matching with my passion for connecting with people. So I switched my Corporate Treasury career into the Executive Search business, focused on Treasury professionals as I was rooted in this network.

Firstly as a consultant at Financial Assets Executive Search in Amsterdam. Learned some interesting things and after a while I got this strong feeling to start my own company so that I could practice different strategies and attract different sorts of high performing professionals. Diversity matters and finding the right person, creating the right match… is what I would like to do for the rest of my life. Guiding high performing professionals from A to B, that’s just such an honor!

In the beginning thou.. I had a tough start, like most startups have. I had to create this solid company, based on not even a year of executive search experience. But as an ex-treasury woman my goal will always remain to just keep getting things done. So after a while I got to work on some really interesting positions, created a solid track record and as per today I’m anticipating towards C-suite positions while being very happy to learn that many corporates and investment managers care for diversity.

Personal On a personal level I am multilingual, lived abroad and I have been travelling through 25 countries. My last epic travel experience was together with my son, based in Asia for 6 months while creating Corporate Compagnon as a digital nomad. I like to show my son that everything is possible.

Track record Obviously I started with some junior roles like treasury analysts or cash managers and very rapidly I grew into more senior roles like Treasurers or a Global Treasury Director for a private equity company. My clients are mainly corporates with some sidetracks to private equity and the public sector. In the beginning based on contingent searches, which means business upon no cure no pay. Later on based on exclusive search agreements, which went naturally in line with my growing curve to more senior roles and candidates.

Game Changers As I find it important to create diversity in my network of high performing professionals, I have recently initiated the Women in Treasury Conference which will be held on February 7. Quite some women will attend to network, and as this initiative has attracted more women than expected I have decided to extend this Conference with a Women in Treasury Community. It is really amazing to make an impact in such a way and the way I approach the market, attracts a diversity of great candidates who I try to bring together in different communities by hosting educational gatherings.

When potential candidates see my profile they notice my hands-on experiene and access to networks such as the Dutch and European Treasury associations. It brings faith as they see me as peer instead of sales oriented executive search consultant. This alone, brings access to professionals that are hard to find by inhouse recruiters and HR driven consultancies. It’s where Corporate Compagnon truely shines. Delivering tailor made search solutions based on access to different networks. Using creative methods like social visibillity on LinkedIn, based on technical comments to public discussed economical issues or my E-hunting strategy.

This workstyle together with the initiative of a Women in Treasury Conference and community… I haven’t seen that before, not even on a global level so my goal is to keep Corporate Compagnon game changing like this. Guide those high performing professionals in the best possible way, and lead my clients in the process of creating exceptional matches.

Looking forward to meet you soon. Sofiah van Maanen

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