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Before, I was working for an Executive Search agency at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. After having various Treasury jobs in different industries at many different places in the Netherlands and overseas, I got to learn about Treasury Executive Search. Born and raised in Rotterdam, I was a bit unsure about working in Amsterdam. Two Dutch cities, yet so different but my colleagues seemed to be cool, so I gave it a try.

It took me a few days to learn that the Zuidas, it's hierarchical vibe and the steps I needed to take back, were not my cup of celery juice. Same time I really enjoyed my new job as an executive search consultant in the field of Corporate Treasury. A quit unusual careerswitch from which nobody knew how it would unfold, turned out to be a surprisingly successfull story. About a former Treasurer, who got to ring the closing bell 5 times a row, in her first few months of Treasury Executive Search. In terms of positions: an Assistant Treasury Front Office, Treasury Analyst, Working Capital Specialist, Treasury Manager and a Cash Manager. All non-Dutch speaking professionals, living as expats in the Netherlands. I felt gifted with talents I didn’t knew exist, using my experience to guide professionals within their Corporate Treasury careers and help corporates creating their Treasury teams. Yet I wasn’t happy at the Zuidas so I decided to protect my story, travelled forward together with a great business partner and created our own (Treasury) Executive Search consultancy. Such an adventure. It really felt like jumping off a cliff while building my wings on the way down. The first few months of this journey I choosed to be based in Uluwatu-Bali, Indonesia. Together with my son who was 3,5 years back then. I wanted to create a solid company, and I also wanted my little future leader to see the world before joining Dutch schoolsystem. So we did.

Software implementation during our days in Singapore. Brand design in Kuala Lumpur. Website during our weeks in Flores and the Komodo Island. Finalizing legal documents during our stay in Nome, the last head-hunting village in Timor. Marketing from the Moluccan islands. Facetime interviews with candidates and client meetings by Skype. By the time my son went 4, we moved back to the Netherlands. Big adventure, huge challenge, beautiful story and very precious memories.

Any choice takes risk, all actions make stories and every process has its beauty. It makes me realize that climbing the Corporate ladder isn't the ultimate goal. For me, it's about the ultimate match that leads to sustainable happiness. About Corporate Compagnon, settled at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam. A storytelling and historical building, close to my roots.

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